One of the great things about analog photography is the physical and tangible aspects of the medium. The suitcase in these pictures belongs to my wife. It's like a time machine of memories handed down from generation to generation. She and her family spend hours reviewing and sharing the photos contained in the vintage powder blue grip. There is a wonderful communal attraction to these small prints that were commonplace not very long ago. Sharing digital images on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram lack the magic of photos you can hold in your hands.
Even when analog prints are scanned digitally to share with distant friends and relatives, each one has unique characteristics. The paper may be faded, creased, scratched, or just showing loving wear; everyone is special.
Though printing photos in a traditional darkroom is somewhat rare now, you can send your images to most drug stores and have digital prints made within a couple of hours (like in the old days). The next gathering you have with friends or family pass around a couple of dozen prints instead of your phone. I think you will find a much greater level of engagement and curiosity and you can start your own time machine.
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